Ali Jabar was laid to rest yesterday by a handful of people at the Kololo comentry, after being Shot by her Sister accidentally.




Ali Jabar was laid to rest yesterday by a handful of people at the Kololo comentry adjacent Jinja road Police quaters. Among the people who saw him off was the Minister of Internal Affair Jeje Odongo, family members and close friends.

Jabar came to limelight a few months back when a phone camera footage circulated on social media showing him whipping a girl in the middle east.
In a video, a man is seen battering Barbara Naluwooza, who is demanding a refund of her money in the far-flung city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

The stocky man in this footage shot by a cellphone is Alseyed Ali Abdul Jabar.

In 2015, Naluwooza wore the grin of a lottery winner when she left for Dubai to escape the apathy of unemployment in Uganda.

With its towering buildings and elegant roads, Dubai offered the allure of a well-paying job with several perks.

However by 2017, Naluwooza had spiritedly thrown herself into the clutches of a human trafficking cartel.

In 2016, Jabar, who was based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), posed as a hiring agent for a security firm. He allegedly conned about 30 girls of their funds

“So [Emmanuel] Atamba [Ugandan] took me to
Ali Jabar’s office. I met with Ali Jabar and he told me that there was a job for Etisalat Telecommunications, and being one of the big leading telecommunication [firms] in the UAE, so we had to pay about 8,000 dirhams which is the equivalent of Shs8m,” reveals Naluwooza.

She was instead taken to a small office and handed over to an Indian man. She told

Ali Jabar that this was not the deal she was promised.

“I approached and told him; ‘Ali, the offer you gave me is different. That is not Etisalat. Etisalat offices cannot look like that.’ So I told him that I needed my money back and I didn’t want to hear anything else,” Naluwooza says.

“So he opened the office and we entered inside and when I started demanding for the money, he asked me to get out,” she adds.

Ali Jabar told Naluwooza that if he found the money, he would call her.

“I told him I would not leave [his office] without my money and all the other girls and boys that were outside all came in, demanding their money. When I refused to move, he came out from the desk and hit me badly,” says Naluwooza.

Ali Jabar also turned to Becky Nakibuuka, who was recording the beatings on her cell-phone, and beat her before smashing her phone.

Naluwooza sustained a cut on her hand while Nakibuuka had a swollen face.

They later fled his office and went to a police station. “We went to Al Baraha Hospital [Dubai] and they told us to open up a case against him. Of course they needed some money for the court case. We did not have money at that time but the police continued to look for Ali,” reveals Naluwooza.

Naluwooza says efforts to trace Ali Jabar in Dubai were futile. Maria Namatovu, whose real name has been concealed for security reasons, was out of employment when a Ugandan lady linked her to Ali Abdul Jabar. With her last savings, she paid Shs2 million to Ali to get a job in a security firm.

“I met a lady, who went by the name Keisa. Keisa told me they had security jobs, cleaning jobs and so on. So I told her that I would like to go to her office. She took me there and I met other nationals, including Nigerians and Cameroonians,” she says.

Namatovu reveals that Keisa introduced her to Jabar.

“She handed me over to Jabar; they told us the process and the procedure. We signed some documents with them. They told us within 18 days, the working visa would be out,” she narrates.

Namatovu says she paid the equivalent of Shs2m to Jabar for his role as a middleman.

However, her visa expired before she could get the job she was promised and returned to Uganda.

Nevertheless, three months after, she returned to Dubai after securing a three-month visa.

“I tried to look for Ali. Good enough, I found him in another new office. I found many Ugandan ladies and men and women from other countries. That is where I found these girls who were beaten badly,” reveals Namatovu.

Some of the victims, including Naluwooza and Nakibuuka, have since petitioned Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga over Jabar’s activities.

Yesterday Jabar was accidentally shot dead by his sister using his own gun. The incident happened at 10:30am when Ali Abdu Jabar 36 years, a businessman in Kampala and resident of Najjera, came to the hospital to visit his wife Fatuma Jabar, who had been admitted in VIP Room 2 at the medical facility following a successful delivery by C-section.

Jabar was holding a Pistol when he came for the visit and on seeing it, his sister Zaina Karama asked to hold it and have a closer look.

“The deceased was holding a Pistol No. UG IND BONK 444 03175. Glock pistol. While at the waiting VIP seats in Room2, Zaina Kamara was playing with the Pistol of Ali Abdu Jabar,” a statement from Police reads in part.

Zaina is said to have repeatedly tried to mock shoot without pressing the trigger and her excitement moved her brother to ask back the gun.

However, she was not yet done with admiring the revolver, prompting the brother to withdraw the magazines from the gun and hand it back over- in case she went for the trigger unknowingly.

Alas, little did he know he had left a bullet in the chamber.

“Ali Cautioned her (Zaina) not to play with the pistol and he removed the Magazine from the pistol. Little did he know that there was a bullet in the chamber,” a police statement reads.

Zaina took the gesture by her brother as an all safe game, and it was time for her now to move to the real practice of aiming and shooting, was there a target? Yes, her brother.

With mind that the gun was empty and the trigger would only go as far as releasing air, Zaina aimed at her brother and pulled trigger, releasing the only bullet in the gun through his chest.

“The bullet stuck inside him,” a police report reveals.

“He was rushed to theatre and pronounced dead on arrival,” the report adds.